Microdermabrasion Benefits

At Salon 700 & Day Spa our goal is to continually evolve your Spa experience….

We brought you the Oxygen Facial, and then we introduced B.Kamins, now it’s time to experience the unparalleled results of Microdermabrasion Treatments with Rachael Viola!

-Fight fine lines and wrinkles
-Remove blackheads and imperfections
-Eliminate acne
-Improve pigmentation
-Promote elasticity and collagen production
-Remove scarring and and stretch-marks

Our NEW, crystal free, diamond tip Microdermabrasion machine is top of the line and utilizes modern technologies.

Treatment Options
1 Facial Treatment – $125.00
Package of 6 – $600.00

1 Facial and Neck Treatment – $135.00
Package of 6 – $700.00

1 Facial, Neck and Chest treatment – $155.00
Package of 6 – $840.00

1 Chest treatment – $135.00
Package of 6 – $700.00

1 Treatment for both hands – $120.00
Package of 6 – $600.00

Host a Spa Party of 5 and Your Treatment is FREE

Introductory Special
**10% OFF First Treatment**

What Is Microdermabrasion?
Microdermabrasion is an effective treatment intended to improve the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, brown spots, scars, and acne blemishes. It is a quick and painless treatment that accelerates the rate at which dead skin is exfoliated, jump starting the growth of new skin cells leaving the skin brighter and softer. The best results will be achieved in 6-8 treatments, with treatments being spaced 2 weeks apart.

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